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At a national swim meet Weston wasn’t able to finish his big race and didn’t know why. On Christmas Day 2015, at the age of 15, Weston was diagnosed with Stage IV Burkitt’s Lymphoma. Weston had non-stop chemotherapy until June 2016; his immune system was so weak that he was only at home for one month during his treatment. Weston is now in remission and has gone back to school and swimming. He aspires to swim in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

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Vered was serving as an officer in the Israel Defense Force when she was was diagnosed with stage III melanoma. At 20, Vered went through a short treatment and was told there was only a 3% chance of recurrence. Nine years later, against all odds, she was diagnosed with stage III melanoma again. Vered is still being treated every 3 weeks. As a young adult, Vered felt stuck in between pediatric and adult oncology. The Tal center helped her find a group people in the same position as her between the ages 20-30 to talk about their experience, which is exactly what Vered needed.

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TEEN CANCER AMERICA: Founded by The Who, Teen Cancer America aims to find space, teams, treatment, and research for teens and young adults with cancer, bridging the gap between pediatric and adult oncology. They have built specialized teen centers in 11 hospital across the country and are constantly doing campaigns and events to bring teens and young adults together.

For more information visit: www.teencanceramerica.org or @teencanceramerica on social media 

THE TAL CENTER: The Tal Center for integrative Oncology, is located within the Oncology Center at Sheba Medical Center and it is Friends of Sheba’s mission to support the life saving and life changing research and care supported by the Tal Center and all of Sheba Medical Center.

For more information visit: www.friendsofsheba.org or https://www.tal-center.org/?lang=en